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The government added Cpngress so that each state got exactly two votes

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Q: What was the provision to calm the fear of the people in the Constitution?
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What was the provision against the fear of the unwritten word?

Bill of Rights maybe? Or some other amendment to the constitution

Where does the fear of people in the constitution come from?

There is no fear of people in the constitution. The constitution is a framework for government and tells congress and the president how government is to be established. Fear is an emotion that in a society has no place nor does a government have emotions.

What was the provision for weak central government?

create a a checks and balance system so people would not have to fear their governments

Which gemstone is good for fear of death?

Some people believe the carnelian gemstone can calm fears about death. It is also associated with creativity.

What does the fear of unwritten word mean?

Fear of unwritten word: People were afraid that the loose constructionists would use the elastic clause to expand government power and take away the rights of the people. Not too sure about the provision, except that strict constructionists argue against the loose

Name the document that is the source of the power of the national government?

the people and how dumb they are ... they use fear to scare the people and when people are scared they will do anything someone tells them if it will keep them safe ...People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.~ Benjamin Franklin

What is a sentence for widespread?

Widespread fear was kept in check by the principal's calm demeanor.

What did some people fear might happen if the bill of rights was not added to the constitution?

There was a fear among the Anti-Federalists that the central government would have too much power. They also feared that state sovereignty was in jeopardy.

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What was the fear of the small states as the Constitution was being written?

The fear was that the large states would overpower if they got representation by population.

How does the constitution reflect the fear of a strong central government?

No one CARES!

Fear of too much democracy reason for US Constitution?