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A good way is to keep up with the news or follow news channels/papers and politicians on Twitter. There are plenty of news apps if you would like to stay informed on the go.

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Q: How can you be informed about issues and your political leaders?
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Which cause-and-effect diagram best illustrates one main effect of informed citizens on the political system?

Citizens think about political issues critically ---> Citizens make informed voting decisions.

What does a military revolution mean?

Generally speaking, a military revolution removes the power of government from that country's political leaders and installs military leaders as the new "governing" body. Many times this is temporary until political leaders who by and large agree with the military's positions on key issues are installed as the "new" political leaders.

What is Rage Against the Machine so mad about?

The corruption in politics, political leaders, and how our country is handling the issues.

The practice of calling upon recognized experts to help government leaders at all levels make informed decisions regarding issues facing them is called?


You would expect the platform of a plitical party to lead to a national covention or guide the political issues of the partys candidate orconsist of party leaders called planks or determine the outcom?

guide the political issues of the party's candidate

The recent leaders in government of El Salvador and the political issues?

the current leader of el salvador is Elias Antonio Saca

How does a good citizen take part in the government?

Vote, stay informed on politics and "the issues", attend or watch political debates, rallies, discussions, etc.

What cause-and-effect diagram best illustrates one main effect of informed citizens on the political system?

Citizens think about political issues critically-> Citizens make informed voting decisions

What types of issues most concerned black political leaders and what were the results of their attempts to change America?

As you can read in any history book the Emancipation Proclamation was signed January 1st 1863. Black political leaders achieved equality and abolished slavery.

How are political leaders in Israel unlike other religions?

Since Israel has no official state religion, its political leaders are not religious leaders, and its religious leaders are not political leaders, in contrast to some other countries in the region and elsewhere.

How does the Internet assist citizen activists?

The Internet helps citizens to gather information about political issues and government services and to communicate with legislators and government leaders.

What is the meaning of the quotes not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers?

It means that not everyone that is well read and informed can make a great leader, but that everyone who is a great leader will be well read and informed.