How did James Otis die?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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I found this answer before I got a reply. This info is from a book entitled "James Otis the Pre-Revolutionist" by John Clark Ridpath:

42. In the summer of 1769 he attacked some of the revenue officers in an article in "The Boston Gazette." A few evenings afterwards, while sitting in the British coffee-house in Boston, he was savagely assaulted by a man named Robinson, who struck him on the head with a heavy cane or sword.

43. The severe wound which was produced so greatly aggravated the mental disease which had before been somewhat apparent, that his reason rapidly forsook him.

44. Otis obtained a judgment of L2,000 against Robinson for the attack, but when the penitent officer made a written apology for his irreparable offense, the sufferer refused to take a penny.

And to answer about his death...

50. After his mind had become unsettled he said to Mrs. Warren, "My dear sister, I hope, when God Almighty in his righteous providence shall take me out of time into eternity, that it will be by a flash of lightning," and this wish he often repeated.

51. Six weeks exactly after his return, on May 23, 1783, while standing in the side doorway during a thunder-shower, with his cane in his hand, and telling the assembled family a story, he was struck by lightning and instantly killed. Not one of the seven or eight persons in the room was injured. "No mark of any kind could be found on Otis, nor was there the slightest change or convulsion on his features."

Thanks anyway y'all

I found on the website Otis was struck by lightning in May 1783.

James Otis was hit over the head with a cane and it severely hurt his brain. But this is not how Otis died. He was standing in the door of a friend at Andover during a thundershower; he was instantly killed by a stroke of lightning. So this is how James Otis was killed.

He was hit over the head by a cane causing his brain to become severely impaired. He lived the rest of his life well until the great revolution, where he was struck by lightning and instantly killed while standing at the door of a friend's house.

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Q: How did James Otis die?
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