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Lawrence Washington died at the age of 34 from TB.

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lawrence washinting died of tuberculosis

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Q: How did Lawrence Washington died?
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When did Lawrence Augustine Washington die?

Lawrence Augustine Washington died in 1824.

What did Lawrence Washington do for george?

George Washington's father died when he was 11 years old so Lawrence Washington, George's brother, became like a father to him.

What was the name of the brother who took care of George Washington after his father died?

Lawrence Washinton. He was George's older half-brother.

How did George Washington's brother Lawrence Washington die?

The cannibal by the name of David Gorsett ate him alive!!

Who is George Washingtons's brother?

Lawrence Washington and died of tuberculosis

Who was Lawrence Washington?

Lawrence Washington was George Washingtons half-brother. George went to live with Lawrence after his father died in 1743. Lawrence acted as a substitute father to George. Lawrence was 14 years older that george and was from his fathers first marriage.

When did Lawrence Madden die?

Lawrence Madden died on May 29, 2011, in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

Who is George Washington's brother?

Washington had two older half-brothers: Lawrence and Augustine, Jr. "Austin" and four younger siblings: Samuel, Betty, Charles, and John Augustine "Jack".

When was Lawrence Augustine Washington born?

Lawrence Augustine Washington was born in 1774.

Who is George Washingtons?

Lawrence Washington and died of tuberculosis

What caused Augustine Washington's death?

A 'fit of Gout in the head' caused his death. George Washington [his son] died of a throat infection. Lawrence Washington [George's brother] died when George was young. It was George Washington's brother, John Augustine "Jack", who died of "gout in the head", not his father.

Did Lawrence Washington influence George Washington?

yes he did