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Roosevelt was a visionary. He was able to take the dreams he had and apply it to the nation in order to create changes.

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Q: How did Roosevelt's personality seem made for a life in politics?
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What made the election of 1828 unique?

Politics became of interest to ordinary Americans.

Who were the people who made some influences in his life?

Sorry but this question makes no sense.

Why is History a past politics and politics present history?

Do you remember when America had a budget surplus, the wealthy had special tax breaks, and "trickle-down" was the phrase of the day? Businesses wanted smaller, less invasive government. There was big money to be made in the stock market, and bank loans were easy to get. Then it all went bad. The markets crashed, banks needed bailouts, and businesses closed. Soon economies were collapsing globally as our unemployment worsened. You're likely thinking of recent years, not 1929. The names have changed, but the politics and reasons are strangely alike. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana, 1905

Are politics inherently bad?

The way politics,today plays out and the politicians behave, it seems that politics is inherently bad.But can the society not be worse without politics?Yes,it will be.Our civilisation has not yet evolved to a stage where policiations and politics can be discarted.Politicians are the necessary evil.Instead of discarding the science of politics,it has to be reformed.Political reform has to be brought about on the pattern of other reforms. Improvements in the political system need to be brought on two fronts.One by enacting laws and strengthening judicial system,and other by building up character of politicians.Of course,much headway has been achieved on legal reformation,but nothing concrete has been done on character-building.There has been constant deterioration in character of politicians over a period of time.Concentration of immense power at the hands of politicians,has made them autocratic.It gives them leeway to do whatever they want to do.Quite recently, growing cases of arbitrariness,corrupt practices,discriminatory treatments at the hands of those in political power has risen by leaps and bound giving bad name to politics and politics.What politicians lack badly today,is character, Character has to be built up.

What are three items from the Populist Party platform that eventually made their way into American life?

Three items from the Populist Party platform that eventually made their way into American life were a graduated income tax, an eight-hour workday for laborers, and the direct election of senators.

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What made life in corporate America into a rat race?

The pressure of office politics made workers feel like rats in a maze

What two areas where roosevelts progressivism made its substantial headway?

consumer and conservation legislation.

What percentage was Franklin D Roosevelts death?

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How was Franklin D. Roosevelts life effected by the Disease he had?

Franklin had polio which made him a cripple. No one would want a cripple for president so his mother tried to convince him to give up politics. Eleanor knew better she stood up for Roosevelt because he loved politics. They had to develop a way to make the American public think the president wasn't a cripple. It's amazing that for sixteen years F.D.R was able to hide his illness. Really the press loved him no matter how much he complained about them jokingly. He was also desperate for a cure. He put off politics until he could get well and ran away to a boat. He was then helped by Missy LeHand to heal. He never healed but never stopped trying until the day he died.

Who made up Theodore roosevelts rough rider force that captured kettle and san juan hills in cuba?

the rough riders were made up of rugged westerners and wealthy easterners.

What is the process in which policy decisions are made known as?

The process by which policy decisions are made is known as politics. A country's political system is the framework for how politics is carried out in that country.

Who made cult of personality?

Living colour.

Did Julius Caesar dominate Roman politics?

Yes, you could say that Julius Caesar dominated Roman politics. As counsul he pushed through some reforms, and even while he was away in Gaul, he was part of the triumvirate. When he was made dictator, and then dictator for life, he had all the authority.

What made Obama get in to politics?

Ambition and lust for power.

What is the process by which policy decisions are made known as?


What made the election of 1828 unique?

Politics became of interest to ordinary Americans.

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