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By giving them Self-government, the power to rule oneself.

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Q: How did a general assembly give Virginia colonists more rights?
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How did colonists in Virginia obtain political rights?

To have political rights in Virginia you would have to be male, own land, and be over 17

Which virginia colonists were denied equal rights?

If I am correct it was Africans & Women

Facts about the Virginia company of London?

It had guaranteed the rights of Englishmen to the colonists

What did the charters of the Virginia company of London guarantee to the colonists?

the same rights of englishman

What rights were guaranteed in the charters of the Virginia Company?

Guaranteed the rights of Englishmen to the colonists.

What document gave colonists the same rights as Englishmen?

Virginia Company of London Charter

Which early document extended English rights to colonists?

This would be the Charters of the Virginia Company of London.

Whice Virginia Colonist were denied equal rights?

Women were denied equal rights, indentured servants were until they fulfilled their term, then africans were (however, it's important to realize that when africans were originally brought to Virginia in 1619 they were not immediately enslaved), Native Americans too, but they weren't colonists.

Which document guaranteed the rights of englishmen to the colonists?

It was a series of documents or charters of the Virginia Company of London

The Virginia Company charter authorized?

The Charter of 1606 is a document from King James I of England to the Virginia Company. It gave land rights to colonists for the sole purpose of propagating the Christian religion.

What document influenced the constitution?

Virginia Charters: rights of englishmen guaranteed to colonists (influenced Constitution:created group assembly to make laws- rep. gov't) Virginia Declaration of Rights: granted people of VA liberties and freedoms (influence Constitution: model for Bill of Rights) Dec. of Independence: stated grievances against the king.....independence from England (influenced Constitution: unalienable rights and all people are equal under the law) Articles of Confederation: to establish a new gov't in the U.S. (weakness' of the Articles lead to writing the Constitution) Virginia Statue of Religious freedom: natural rights to free opinion and practice of religion in VA (influenced constitution: freedom of religious beliefs- first amendment)

What was the Declaration of Colonial Rights about?

The Declaration of Colonial Rights stated the rights of the Colonists in general, the instances in which the rights were violated or infringed, and appropriate means of obtaining restoration. For more information, visit the Related Link.