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Concillum Plebus

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the plebeian assembly or people assembly

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Q: What was the name of the assembly the plebeians formed to obtain political rights?
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What is meant by the term politics and government?

Politics-The tactics used by one to obtain political office or prove ones point Government-Law making jurisdiction that governs one group and keeps order

What are negative aspects of political parties?

In a true democracy, one of the few (cough, cough) cons is that is can be considered a "mob rule" country. If 51% of the people believe something that 49% do not, then the 49% (a very LARGE percentage) are out of luck.

Sources of political power?

"According to Max Weber, legitimacy in politics is derived from three main sources of political powers is tradion, charisma, and legality.""When Weber believed that positions of power become legit over time, it becomes traditional.""Weber also stressed the importance of personality in creating political legitmacy. A Great popularity of sine leaders is due in part to their personal magnitism, or charisma.""Finally, Weber pointed to the importan ce of law in creating legitimacy. Some of the personal activities are considered legitimate simply because they are legal (legality)."Source:American Government, by Walter E. Volkomer. Thirteenth Edition 2008-2011 Person Education, Inc.

What is the stability function of government?

Obtain high employment and price stability

Why may government require that groups first obtain permits to practice or demonstrate?

The First Amendment of the BILL OF RIGHTS provides that "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging . . . the right of the people peaceably to assemble."This provision applies to state government entities through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Though neither the federal Constitution nor any state constitution specifically protects rights of association, the United States Supreme Court and other courts have extended assembly rights to include rights of association.Rights to free speech and assembly are not absolute under the relevant JURISPRUDENCE. Government entities may restrict many types of speech without violating First Amendment protections. Many of the Supreme Court's First Amendment cases focus on two main questions: first, whether the restriction on speech was based on the content of the speech; and second, whether the speech was given in a traditional public forum or elsewhere. Some questions focus exclusively on the actual speech, rather than on aspects of the right to assembly. Other questions contain aspects of both the right to free speech and the right to assemble peacefully. Cases addressing free speech plus some conduct in the exercise of assembly rights often pose complex questions, since either the speech rights or the assembly rights may not protect the parties in these types of cases.Since the courts take into consideration such a variety of factors when determining whether a particular speech or whether a particular assemblage is protected by the First Amendment, it is difficult to provide a concise definition of rights of assembly. Even in areas where a government entity may restrict speech or assembly rights, courts are more likely to find a violation of the First Amendment if speech or assembly is banned completely. Some restrictions merely involve the application for a permit or license to assemble, such as obtaining a license to hold a parade in a public street. Other time, place, and/or manner restrictions may also apply.

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To obtain political rights plebeians formed their own assembly?

Concillum Plebus

What rights did patricians have that the pelebians did not?

The patricians (aristocrats) and plebeians(Commoners) had the same rights. Every Roman was equal before Roman law and all Roman citizens had the seem rights. In the Early Republic the patricians monopolised political power. The rich plebeians fought to obtain power-sharing and succeed in the conflict of the orders of the Early Republic.

What were political gruops in rome?

Ihn the Early and Mid Republic there was the plebeian movement which was spearheaded by the poor plebeians and which fought for the grievances of the poor. The rich plebeians who led this movement used the movement to successfully obtain power-sharing with the patrician aristocracy which originally monopolised political power. The plebeians were the commoners, both rich and poor. In the late Roman Republic there were two opposing political factions, the optimates who were conservative and fought for the interests of the aristocracy, and the populares who championed the cause of the poor. During the rule by emperors there were not any political groups as such because the emperor was an absolute ruler. However, there were temporary factions who supported different powerful men or military commanders. Some of them conspired against emperors.

Is there a diagram of Chevy model1500 truck brake line assembly?

You can obtain a break line assembly diagram, for your Chevrolet pickup truck, from most Chevrolet dealerships. You can also obtain the diagram from most auto-parts stores.

How did the plebians eventually gain a larger role in the romain republic?

In the early Republic the patrician aristocracy monopolised political power. All the senators and consuls (the two annually elected heads of the city and the army) were patricians. They excluded other elites from power. The plebeians were all the non-patricians, the commoners, both rich and poor. The poor plebeians rebelled several times and formed a plebeian movement to fight for the economic grievances of the poor. Rich plebeians became leaders of the movement and used it to press for access to the senate and the consulship (the consuls were the two annually elected officers of state who were the heads of the Republic) and for power-sharing with the patricians. They obtained this as well as access the other offices of state which were created as the Republic developed during the 200-year long Conflict of the Orders between patricians and plebeians. They used the agitations of the plebeian movement to obtain this. They were incorporated into a patrician-plebeian oligarchy and were given equite (cavalry) status. This was the lower tier of the aristocracy. At this point the rich plebeians turned their backs on the poor and their economic grievances were not addressed properly.

What was the balance of power between patricians and plebeians when the republic was first created?

At the beginning of the Roman Republic the patricians monopolised political power by monopolising the consulship (the office of the two annually elected heads of the Republic), the senate and the priesthoods.

Can you obtain the image of an object formed by a convex mirror on a screen?

nope. bcoz the image is formed behind the mirror.

How did colonists in Virginia obtain political rights?

To have political rights in Virginia you would have to be male, own land, and be over 17

How did the strike benefit the roman plebeians?

If you are referring to the plebeian secessions, these were not strikes. Strikes did not exist back then. The plebeian secessions were what the name says, a breakaway. The point of leaving Rome in the first plebeian secession (494 BC) was not to stop production in the city. It was an act of defiance towards the Roman state and the beginning of the creation of a breakaway plebeian state, a state within the state. This was because the (poor) plebeians lost their faith in the Roman state. It started with protests in the city,. The issue was the abuse of (poor) defaulting debtors who were imprisoned, tortured or even sold as slaves by the (rich) creditors. The plebeians asked the consuls to create protections for the defaulting debtors, but nothing was done, even though the plebeians tried to disrupt the levy as a bargaining tool. To force the hand of the consuls they left the city (seceded) went to a hill, refused to join the army, and threatened to establish a new community there unless their demands were met. They created leaders for their movement, the plebeian tribunes, and their own assembly, the plebeian council. Their key bargaining tool was to refuse to join the army, not stopping production. This was a serious matter because Rome was often attacked by the neighbouring peoples. The plebeians returned to Rome after negotiations. They did not obtain legislation which would protect the defaulting debtors, but won recognition for their leaders and their assembly. The plebeian tribunes acted to protect the interests of the plebeians and the plebeians used their council to make their own decisions regarding matters that concerned them. Even though the plebeians returned to Rome, the breakaway continued. The plebeians created a state within the state. They settled on the Aventine hill, which they used as their own self-run territory where they made their own decisions independently from the Roman state (the consuls and the senate). Roman unity was lost and the plebeians continued to air their grievances through direct action in defiance of the Roman state, which they felt, would do nothing to help them. The plebeians also continued with their threats to refuse to join the army.

What is sadbhawana?

It is a political party of Nepal that works for the citizens of Madesi to obtain rights.

How many senaters are in national assembly of Pakistan?

Total of 342 members who are referred to as Member of National Assembly (MNAs), of which 272 are directly elected members and 60 reserved seats for women and 10 for religious minorities. A political party must secure 172 seats to obtain and preserve a majority.

How do members of the cabinet obtain their jobs?

They are appointed by the President