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Politics-The tactics used by one to obtain political office or prove ones point Government-Law making jurisdiction that governs one group and keeps order

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Q: What is meant by the term politics and government?
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What is meant by identation?

what is meant by the term identity politics

What is meant by identity politics?

what is meant by the term identity politics

The term for political means?

Relating to, or dealing with the structure of government, politics, or the state.

Is politics praticed in a polis or a polity?

Politics is practiced in polity. The term polis stands for citizenship or a body of citizens. the term polity stands for a state that works with the government.

What impact does the Revolving Door have on politics?

the term "revolving door" in politics means "leaving government to work for an interest group". :DD

What is it meant by the term republican form of government?

A government made up of reps elected by the people

What is meant by political modernisation?

Political modernization probably means making politics and government more modern and helpful to society.

What is meant by the term responsible government?

responsible = Take care of yourself and Government = is the prime minster of your own country's

What does the term of porm mean?

Porm is not a term, it is an acronym for 'Policy On Research Misconduct'. It can apply to fields such as politics, government, academia, technology and science.

What has the author Henry Russell Spencer written?

Henry Russell Spencer has written: 'Government and politics abroad' -- subject(s): Politics and government 'Government and politics abroad' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Politics and government. 'Constitutional conflict in provincial Massachusetts' -- subject(s): Constitutional history, Politics and government

What does the term 'militarism' refer to?

The term 'militarism' refers to a country's military involvements in politics and government. The military's power is considered equal status in that of a parliament.

Is governance politics?

Government 'is' politics.