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At that time, many Americans thought political parties were harmful to good government. The Constitution made no mention of parties because its authors saw no good use for them. Washington disapproved of political parties, or "factions" as they were known. He warned that they would divide the nation.

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Q: How did different opinions lead to the first political parties?
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Name six different political parties in Australia?

the six political parties are labor, liberal,greens, democrats, family first and the sixth one is i don't know

What ways do the first political parties align with current political parties?

one of them is republic

What led to the rise of political parties?

Differences on foreign and domestic policy led to the nation's first political parties.

What were the first American political parties?

The first parties were the Democratic-Republican party and the Federalist party.

First political parties?

The first political party was the Federalists, followed closely by the Democratic-Republicans.

Where are political parties found in the constitution?

No, it does not. There is no mention of political parties in the constitution, it is just how politics develops.

When did the political parties form?

could you tell me how did you get interest in politcs? and who motivated you to take part ni politcs? how old were you when you joint the politc? if you would be the president of Afghanistan what would be the first thing you have done for Afghanistan? Political parties formed at different times in different countries.

The first political parties were formed around regional and economic differences.?

Yes, the first political parties were formed around regional and economic differences. This is true.

What are the first 2 major political parties?

The first 2 political parties are the Federalists lead by Alexander Hamilton and the Democratic Republicans lead by Thomas Jefferson.

What disagreements started the first political parties?

Please rewrite. A timeframe is needed. Political parties always debate.

Which party was the first political parties in the US?


What were the different ideas held by the first two political parties?

the feraderalist and the republician was the 1st 2 political parties and the feraderalist believe that only the best of the best had the right to run the country and the republician believe that the nation decision should be ran by the farmers