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Q: How did territorial governors gain office?
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What are the governors in Puerto rico?

They are Territorial Governors.

When was Office of Territorial Affairs created?

Office of Territorial Affairs was created in 1973.

List of governors names in New Mexico?

There have been Spanish Governors, Mexican Governors, US Military Governors, US Territorial Governors and US State Governors, There have been Elected Governors, Appointed Governors, Temporary Governors, Cruel Governors, Corrupt Governors, Republican Governors, Democratic Governors, Famous Governors and Infamous Governors, Good and Bad Governors. The severed head of at least one Governor was once displayed in the Plaza in front of the Palace of the Governors. The long list covering 400 years of leadership in what is now the State of New Mexico begins with Don Juan de Onate and ends in 2010 with Bill Richardson and to date includes no women. Keep in mind as you fill in the gap between these two that for 12 years during the Pueblo Revolt, the office existed but was held by people who never set foot in New Mexico.

What governors office is in Augusta?

your mama is it

Who was the first governor of Idaho?

George Laird Shoup was the 17th and last of the Territorial Governors of the Territory of Idaho, and the first Governor of the State of Idaho. William H. Wallace, who was appointed by President Abraham Lincoln, was the first of the Territorial Governors. A link is provided for you to look over the list of all the Territorial and State Governors of the State of Idaho. You'll find that like below. The current governor of Idaho is Butch Otter

How do you get your governors email address?

Go to GOOGLE.COM and enter the name of your state - followed by the words 'governors office' followed by the words 'e-mail address' (e.g.: > ohio governors office email address < )

How do you get a pardon in Colorado?

Write the Governors Office.

Who was the first govoner of washngton?

Washington Territory had 14 territorial governors from its organization in 1853 until the formation of the state of Washington in 1889. Territorial governors were appointed by the President of the United States. Elisha P. Ferry had the longest term of eight years and went on to become the state's first governor.

US and Britain would not seek territorial gain?

Atlantic charter

What governor Louisiana term of office?

Louisiana governors serve for 4 years.

What polititial office did Tyler and his father hold?

They were both Governors of Virginia.

Why are the board of governors of the federal appointed for staggered fourteen-year terms?

to grant the Executive Office of the President more control over the Board of Governors