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Atlantic charter

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Q: US and Britain would not seek territorial gain?
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What secret pact did roosevelt sign with great Britain that neither country would seek territorial gains after the war?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill met on August 9th and 10th, 1941 in what's known as the Atlantic Conference and Charter. The Atlantic Conference outlined what both countries would do after WW 2, including not seeking territorial gains after the war.

The policy of appeasement was based upon the assumption that Germany?

...that Germany would feel satisfied with its gains, and not seek any more territorial expansion.

Which is not related to the principles of the Atlantic charter?

right of nations to annex territory

Why do some individuals seek to betray their countries?

This could be for veriaty of reasons depending on the individual, One ethier they were war prisonors and treason would ensure them a painless , or they seek weath and/or power and doing this would gain them this clout in another contry, and my faviorite: There government is crupt and they seek to start a revelution.

What was patronage during the renaissance?

A system in which a wealthy person or patron would gain power, status, and money by employing a scientist who would seek new knowledge. The client/scientist would therefore also gain power, status, and money. It was a win-win situation.

How did the US get revenge after World War 2?

The US did not seek or gain revenge against Japan after WWII. It did seek justice.

Colonist who chose to seek freedom from the Britain's rule?

they were called patriots

What is the anime Kamen no maid guy?

Its an anime about two maids protecting the heiress of a massive fortune and her brother from those that would seek to harm her to gain the fortune.

Who convince the colonists that they should seek independence from great Britain?

george washington

How did Great Britain seek to correct its balance of trade with China?

selling opium

Why is necessary for the confederacy to seek the support of the great Britain and France?

The confederacy needed access to the manufactured goods of great britain and France. :)

What explorer gave Britain land rights in North America?

the answer you seek is John Cabot .