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Edmond Genet, who was sent to the US in 1793.
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Pierre Charles L'Enfant is the French official who attempted to rally American support for war against Great Britain.

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Q: Who was the French representative sent to US to seek American support against Britain?
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What British actions caused the War Hawks to push for war Against Britain?

impressment of American sailors and support for native Americans

Why were the war Hawks eader to go to war against Great Britain?

They were angry at British impressment of American seamen,and support of Indian attacks against Americans,and wanted to conquer canada.

Who was the french minister who spent weeks traveling throughout the us seeking support for the french cause?

Edmond Genet was the french representative sent to the US to seek American support against Britain

Which nation did the US have a problem with during the war of 1812?

The United States had a problem with Great Britain during the War of 1812. The primary causes of the conflict were British violations of American maritime rights, impressment of American sailors, and support for Native American resistance against American expansion.

Who persuaded Louis xvi to support the American Revolution?

Louis XVI did not support the ideals of the American Revolution, he just wanted to weaken his country's enemy, Britain, who the Americans happened to be fighting against. Louis XVI persuaded himself, for selfish reasons.

What you the British rationale of the proclamation of 1763?

The facts that britain have use to support the decision to issue the proclamation of 1763 by saying that American Indians were supporting french and also because of pontiac's rebellion war that they started against Britain.

Why did most floridians support Britain during the American revolution?

because they was the best

What was cotton deplomacy?

Cotton diplomacy refers to the diplomatic methods employed by the South during the American Civil War to coerce Great Britain and France to support the Southern war effort by implementing a cotton trade embargo against Great Britain and Europe

Why did the foreign countries support the American Revolution?

The foreign monarchies didn't so much as support the American cause. They really just wanted to hurt Great Britain.

The american won the Revolutionary War mainly because?

They had determination to outlast the British.

Who did edmond genet try to get support from?

Edmond-Charles Genet was a French ambassador to the United States during the French Revolution. He was sent to the United States to try to get their support for France's wars with Spain and Britain.

Why were the war of 1812 fighting over?

The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain. The main causes of the war were British violations of American sovereignty, such as the impressment of American sailors into the British navy, trade restrictions imposed by Britain, and the British support of Indigenous resistance against American expansion. Additionally, Americans sought to assert their independence and protect their national honor against perceived British insults and aggression.