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by working together

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Q: How did the economic specializations of each of the colonies lead to their interdepence on one another?
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What did many western leaders felt they needed colonies and a global empire to?

The possession of colonies conferred prestige in those days. The newly formed states of Germany, Belgium and Italy wanted colonies for this reason. The possibility of economic gains was another motivation.

What were the economic sources available to the middle and southern colonies?

Rice, silk, indigo, tobacco, forest products

What is colonialism?

Colonialism involves the setting up of colonies and the policy of extending political and economic control over a foreign territory.Colonialism has to do with the taking over and exploitation of another country. An example of this would be Europe establishing colonies in Asia, Africa as well as America.

What is a Another name for economic activity?

what is meant by economic activity

What is controlled by another nation?


What is another name for the 13 colonies?


What is another word for economical?

Another word would be economic.

What are the three sections of the colonies?

it is the middle, southern and the new England (another words for the new colonies)

What is another word for economic downturn?


What is a policy extending political economic or military rule over another?

Imperialism is a policy extending political economic or military rule over another.

What were the colonies and founders of those colonies in the southern colonies?

Cecil Calvert and John Smith are two examples of Founding Fathers of the Southern Colonies. Another example would be James Oglethorpe, who founded Georgia.

What is land controlled by another nation?

Lands that are controlled by another nation are called territories.