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How do you think it would feel like having no rights to anything? It would probably make you lose your pride for the country in which you live in. Britain's king was a man that felt he had absolute control over his people and could charge as many taxes as he wished. He did, and nobody could stop him. As a result, many of his people began crossing across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. Even though more and more men gathered in America, they were still controlled by the British king. However, the people in America wanted freedom, and to rule themselves. On April 19, 1775, the "Americans" started the American Revolution - a political rebellion in which the thirteen colonies fought to free themselves of the British Empire. After the colonies won, it was time to settle down and create a solid form of government. This is where the separation of powers became a necessity in order to keep one part of the government from becoming too powerful.

There are three branches of the government - the judicial, legislative, and executive. Once a judge is part of the judicial branch, he/she is guaranteed a lifelong appointment unless the judge confronts impeachment and is eventually removed from office. Some of the judicial branch's primary jobs include interpreting the legality of treaties, declaring the unconstitutionality of acts performed by the executive branch's members, and reviewing laws made by the legislative branch. To be a part of the judicial branch, you must be a judge in the court of appeals, criminal court, civil court, or Supreme Court.

There are two components that create the legislative branch - the House of Representatives and the senate. There are currently 435 House of Representatives in the United States of America. The amount for each state is based off of population. For every 500,000 people living in a state, there can be one representative. Even though California has 53 and Alaska only has one, every single state is only allowed to send off two senators, elected by the people within the states. As there are 50 states, there are 100 senators. This federal system functions as such in order to represent each state fairly.

Some main roles of the legislative branch are writing/passing laws, impeaching judges, approving or disapproving justices (judges), creating new courts, accusing executive officials of certain misconduct, declaring war, approving the president's cabinet, and overriding a bill by 2/3 of a vote, creating a budget, and removing the president. Additionally, if the president creates a treaty in a time of violence to end a war, the legislative has the right to reject it.

The last branch of the government is the executive branch, which is simply the president and his cabinet. Although the president, currently Barack Obama, is seen as the all-mighty figure, he actually does not have much power on his own. Without his cabinet and the legislative branch, nothing he does can be approved of. He and the people under him have the power to free imprisoned criminals at will, appoint judges, disapprove of laws, send in troops, call Congress back in a time of need, nominate cabinet members, and write treaties.

Without the separation of powers, one part of the government could easily become too powerful, which was why the Americans hated the British.

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creating states witch were ruled by federal

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The founding fathers provided for a separation of powers by making three branches of govt. that could check and balance each other.

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Q: How did the founders provide for a separation of power in the federal government?
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The founding fathers provided for a separation of powers by making three branches of govt. that could check and balance each other.

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