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Security Spending

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Q: What taxes provide the federal government with most of its money?
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Where does the federal government get its money?


What taxes does federal government charge?


Why does the state government receive all of their money from the federal government?

The state governments do not receive all their money from the Federal government. The majority of their funds come from state income taxes, property taxes and sales taxes.

What is federal revenue?

AnswerTaxes, taxes and more taxes

How much money does the federal government spend on court taxes?

The federal gov doesn't pay taxes

Where does the US government get the money to pay representatives and senators?

From taxes collected by the federal government.

Where does the government get the money for highway projects and other federal programs?

Our taxes

Where does the government get money to provide goods and services?

Government spending comes directly from taxes. The government also borrows money.

What two activities would the nation bank be responsible for?

Being a place for federal governments to deposit money raised from taxes and to provide loans to government and business.

A sum of money placed on a person property or income of an individual by government?

The sum of money placed on a persons property or income by the government is referred to as taxes. In the United States, these taxes are federal and state taxes.

Do you have to file federal and state taxes?

It depends. If you owe money to the government, then yes. Otherwise, no.

How did federal government raise money for world war 1?

taxes and liberty bonds