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Im not actually sure when it ended but if anybody out there knows then ypu should totaly tell me and this website! its for my school project and its really hard for a grade A student who's in year 13!!!

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Q: How did the great famine end?
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When did the great famine end?

the great famine ended in Ireland in 1850 but it took a bet longer for Ireland to recover.

What was the biggest problem facing great Britain at the end of the french and Indian war?


In what way did the great famine effect Europe?

It helped lead to the end of feudalism.

What are nicknames for the potato famine?

The Great Famine

What are the causes and effects of the Great Famine?

the great famine was caused by plould soil

What is the ISBN of Mao's Great Famine?

The ISBN of Mao's Great Famine is 0802777686.

When did Great Chinese Famine happen?

Great Chinese Famine happened in 1961.

Why did the Irish go to the great famine?

Because it was 'great'. Who would go to the 'terrible' famine?

When was Mao's Great Famine created?

Mao's Great Famine was created on 2010-09-06.

What is the Irish word for The Great Famine?

It is known as "An Gorta Mór" (un gurtha mór), the Great Famine.

What happen in Ireland in 1845?

the beginning of the Great Famine

What did they call the potato famine?

The great famine or in the Irish language, An Gorta Mór.