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dumb people of cource

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Q: How did the reds motivate the Russian people to support them?
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What did the Bolshevik party become know as?

The Bolsheviks were also known as the "reds" during the Russian Civil War in 1918. This group was organized by Trotsky during the Civil War. The color "red" is commonly associated with Communism explaining the name. They fought against the Whites, which were really varied in who exactly they were but united in the goal that they wanted to remove the Reds from power. Some groups of the Reds were the liberal supporters of the provisional government, Mensheviks, Social Revolutionaries, and anarchist peasant bands (another color name the "Greens"). In terms of other names for the Bolsheviks, I think it is important to note that Bolshevik means "members of the majority", which takes its historical context in the era after the February Revolution of 1917, when the leadership of the Russian Social Democrats grew significantly. The Bolshevik party was just a splinter (led by Vladimir Lenin) of the Russian Social Democrats.

Which US president was offered to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds?

Theodore Roosevelt :)

What are Kamel reds?

im smoking one right now, the box striked my interest. tastes similar to a marlboro red. not much of a difference

Where did the term pinko commie come from?

The term "pinko" in relation to a communist had to do with the national color of Russia. Its flag is red, so the country was called the Reds. Pink is more "feminine" version of red, so it was a derisive term for red.

Can you give me the definition of the Red Scare?

1) a period of general fear of communists2) In United States history, the term Red Scare denotes two distinct periods of strong anti-communism: the First Red Scare, from 1917 to 1920, and the Second Red Scare, from 1947 to 1957. ...3) Public outcry against foreigners in which thousands of anarchist, Communists (Reds), and innocent foreigners were arrested and deported from the US

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Who were the Reds who were the Whites?

As what it sounds to me, the Reds were the Bolshevik faction (Communists) in the Russian Civil War, and the Whites were the people that opposed them (Royalists, Republicans, the Church, etc.)

How did the reds win the Russian civil war?

They killed.

What was the conclusion of the Russian revolution?

The Reds won and the USSR was established.

What countries were fighting in the Russian Revolution?

well it was a revolution, which suggests internal struggle. so the only country fighting in the Russian revolution was russia. there were the white army which was in favor of the czar and the reds which wanted communism....the reds won and the czar and his entire family were killed.

Reds vs Whites?

It was the Russian Civil War which lasted from 1917 to 1922. Supporters of Bolsheviks were Reds and supporters of the Tsar were Whites. At the end Whites lost and Soviet Union was created.

What do you understand by terms red green white in the Russian revolution?

During the Russian revolution the Reds referred to the Communist revolutionaries, White referred to the defending Tzarist or established government. The Greens had little influence on the conflict but they were armed peasant groups which fought against both the Reds and Whites.

What does USSR maen?

USSR can stand either for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic before it was overrun by the Reds in the Russian civil war.Of course, in Russian, it is CCCP.

What was the name used by Russian Communists which stood for the bloodshed of violent revolution?

The "October Revolution" is another name, but not a 'nickname' of the Bolshevik Revolution. In fact, the October Revolution has come to be the preferred, perhaps even formal, historical name for the event in order to distinguish the Bolshevik Revolution from the one that occurred in February (Russian calendar) which has come to be known as the February Revolution.

Who were the reds in Russian civil war?

The Reds were Vladimir Lenin, the Bolsheviks and their followers who supported not only the overthrow of the Tsar but also the overthrow of the subsequent Provisional Government. The Reds were distinguished from the other side called the Whites.

Who did the whites support during the Russian civil war?

The Whites were the conservatives, the royalists, and the original democratic elements. It was a very lose coalition. The Reds were the Bolsheviks, meaning majority, even though they started out in the minority, who became the Communist Party.

What are golfball holders called?

reds people

Was Trotsky the main reason for the reds victory in the Russian civil war?

Trotksy certainly played a key role as People's Commisar [Minister] for War and managed to persuade many former Tsarist officers to stay in Russia and join the Red Army.