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Aech(ae as in aesop, ch as in cheetah)-em-es-Leh-pard

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Q: How do you pronunce HMS Leopard?
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How many crew and survivors were there of HMS Hardy ii in January 1944?

The V Class destroyer HMS Virago went alongside Hardy after she had been torpedoed and remained alongside until the crew had been rescued. This has previously attributed to HMS Venus but my father served on Virago and remembered the incident.

What happened in the battle between the USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere?

For nearly an hour, the two ships jockeyed for position. At last, the guns from the Constitution roared into action. They tore holes in the side of the HMS Guerriere and shot off both masts. Stunned the British captain had no choice but to surrender

During the engagement between the continental navy ship bonhomme richard and the hms serapis showed his indomitable will against seemingly hopeless odds he announced you have no?

John Paul Jones

How do you know if the resolute twins are for a fact not any part in the fiction of the national treasure book of secrets movie?

Queen Victoria did have a writing table constructed from the timbers of the HMS Resolute, which was kept for many years in Buckingham Palace, is in fact a twin of the desk in Washington.It may be a twin, but it is not an identical twin. The writing table is smaller, has a wood top and 4 legs. It is presently on loan from Buckingham Palace to the Royal Naval Museum.The Resolute Desk is a partners desk with two pedestals and a top with 6 drawers.In addition, there is another desk - a smaller ladies desk which is in the Boston Whaling Museum. It was made for the widow of the HMS Resolute's captain Grinell.Furthermore, there is at least one small writing case that was also made from the HMS Resolute timbers.Pictures may be seen on the website.

Why do engineers have gold and purple epaulets?

The purple coloured epaulets were awarded to Marine Engineers by Queen Victoria to recognize their bravery during the sinking of the HMS Titanic. Purple is important in this context because for a very long time purple was a colour only worn by royalty, it was therefore special.

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How did political leaders from the US and great Britain respond to the incident between the HMS leopard and the USS chesapeake?

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What was the American ship that was fired on by Britain in 1807 nearly leading to war between the two countries?

The USS Chesapeake. This is remembered as the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair. The HMS Leopard fired on the Chesapeake on June 22, 1807.

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