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He has little respect for the A+

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Q: How does Henry feel about the officers?
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How does Henry feel about the officers in red badge?

Henry has conflicting feelings about the officers in "The Red Badge of Courage." At times, he views them as brave and admired figures to emulate, while at other times he sees them as ineffective and cowardly. Ultimately, Henry's perception of the officers reflects his internal struggles with courage, masculinity, and heroism.

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On TV's MASH what skill did Col. Blake's girlfriend demonstrate in the officers' club?

In the "M*A*S*H" episode "Henry in Love", Nancy Sue Parker does a cheerleading routine in the officers' club. he did not fall in love with her though.

What actors and actresses appeared in Two Officers - 1911?

The cast of Two Officers - 1911 includes: Sydney Booth as Richard Gray - a Cavalry Officer Mary Fuller as Helen Marc McDermott as Henry Montgomery - a Cavalry Officer

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