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Which of the following represents an achieved status?

A) being a high school drop-out

B) acting like your mother when she was your age

C) having a prescribed sex (male or female)

D) knowing your particular ethnic descent

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Go read your sociology book. Jesus.

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Q: How does ascribed status influence achieved status?
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How can an individual's ascribed status be an important determinant of his or her achieved status?

An individual's ascribed status, such as race, gender, or socio-economic background, can influence the opportunities they have for achieving success in society. Factors like discrimination, stereotypes, and access to resources can impact an individual's ability to attain their desired achieved status, as they may face barriers or biases based on their ascribed characteristics. These societal dynamics demonstrate how one's ascribed status can play a significant role in shaping their achieved status.

Social stratification is based on ascribed status.?

Social stratification can be based on both ascribed status (such as race, gender, and family background) and achieved status (such as education, occupation, and income). Ascribed status is a social position that is given to individuals at birth, with little or no opportunity to change, while achieved status is based on the individual's efforts and abilities. Both types of status can influence a person's position in the social hierarchy.

What is the difference between ascribed status and achieved status?

Ascribed is what you are doing to get to a specified status. Achieved would mean you have done all required to obtain that status.

What is the primary difference between ascribed status and a achieved status?

Ascribed status is given to individuals at birth or based on factors outside their control, such as race or gender, whereas achieved status is earned through personal actions, accomplishments, or choices. Ascribed status is typically more fixed and can be difficult to change, while achieved status is more fluid and can be influenced by individual efforts.

What is the major difference between an achievement status and an ascribed status?

Ascribed Status: Ascribed status is assigned to an individual without reference to their innate differences or abilities. (Meaning this cannot change for an individual) Achieved Status: Achieved status is determined by an individual's performance or effort. (Meaning this changes for an Individual) -This was a study conducted by Anthropologist Ralph Linton in (1936)

What is an example of an ascribed status?

An example of an ascribed status is being born into a wealthy family. This status is not achieved through personal actions but is assigned at birth based on familial circumstances.

What is the major difference between an achieved status and an ascribed status?

An achieved status is attained through individual effort or work, such as becoming a doctor or a teacher. In contrast, an ascribed status is assigned at birth or based on factors outside of an individual's control, like being born into a wealthy family or being of a certain race.

What is the term for social position that is received at birth or involuntarily assumed later in life?

ascribed status

What are the different types of social status?

Some common types of social status include achieved status (based on accomplishments or actions), ascribed status (assigned at birth or through family background), and master status (a primary identity that shapes how others see an individual). These statuses can influence an individual's wealth, power, and opportunities within society.

What is an ascribed status?

It can be defined as followed. A status that can not be earned, it is assigned.

to what extent is a person's status ascribed at birth?

An ascribed status is a social status that a person is given from birth or assumes later in life

What is an achieved deviant status?

Achieved deviant status refers to a social position that a person attains through their own choices, actions, or behavior that deviates from societal norms or expectations. This status is not ascribed at birth but rather is acquired through individual decisions, such as joining a countercultural movement or breaking the law.