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Vladimir Lenin during the Russian Revolution

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Q: Which political leader ascribed most closely to their vision for society?
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What is the role of the leader in china?

The role of the leader in China is to offer direction and leadership in various matters. A leader may be political, religious or just a society leader.

Which position of leadership is an ascribed position?

A monarch is an example of an ascribed position of leadership. This means that the leader is born into the position and does not have to earn it through merit or competition.

How does a Political party leader help contribute to this country?


What is the Hawaiian word for leader?

The Hawaiian word for leader is "aliʻi." In ancient Hawaiian society, aliʻi were nobles or chiefs who held political power and authority.

What is the biodata of Bandhu Tirkey?

he is one of the good political leader who have done many good things for the society for the jharkhand

What is a non political leader?

a non political leader is someone that is in politics and is not a leader

Who was a political leader and a minister?

the political leader and the minister was Moussa Traore

Who was the most powerful person in ancient Egyptian society?

The most powerful person was the pharaoh as he was the political and religious leader of the Egyptian people.

Which political leader was most closely identified with the doctrine of states rights?

States' Rights LeaderThe leader was Vice President John C. Calhoun.

What is the murdering of a government or political leader?

Assassination is the murdering of a government or political leader.

Who was the political leader of the Nazis?

Adolf Hitler is the main political leader of the nazis

Is Julia gillard a political leader?

Yes. As Australia's prime minister, she is a political leader.