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In Ohio, who decides whether the laws are written and enforced as required by the Ohio Constitution?

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Q: How does the government make sure people have enough food?
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Their food should be answer enough.

How can you make people aware of childhood hunger?

The make people aware of childhood hunger people can write the local government and ask to government assistance in solving the problems. One can also sponsor a local food drive and donate food to local food banks.

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Mongolia is a rural country because after the collapse of it's economy,it became a rural country...people lost jobs, government did not make enough income, some people did not have enough money for food and clothes and medical help. Hope this helped Neha Gupta

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Because food is not well transferred around the world and many people dont have enough money or time to make a nutritous meal

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They don't, the government does.

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He belived that a communism style government ( he made up communism) would put Europe back on track after the war. Many people diagreed because they didn't have enough freedom, but after years the communsm government was over thrown and the people had the freedom to choose what goods to make, how to make them, etc.

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Nowhere is it written that the Federal Government is supposed to care for people. This has traditionally been the duty of states, cities, churches, and so on. Another Answer: In the United States and in most English Speaking Countries, the government has programs available to prevent malnutrition. The program is there. People must use it. No one will put a gun to their heads and make them use it. In places like Zimbabwe, foreign governments have been given enough food aid. The local government has prevented the food from getting to the people. Neither the United States nor Europe will send in an Army and force the local governments to accept food aid and feed their local populations.

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Aristotle believed a democracy was the best form of government ruled by the middle class. Plato did not believe average people were intelligent enough to make decisions about government.

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All junk food can make you obese if you do not get enough exercise.