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Media coveragge of an issue creates a change in public opinion. Elected officials takes that opinion into account and pursue new policies.

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Media's role important in shaping public opinion Important medium: The media has been used by the public to express their concerns and grievances in hope that the relevant agencies will respond to them. Picture: Zamri Zainal



Monday, December 10, 2007

IN A WORLD where information increasingly plays a primary role in all aspects of a country's development, the media print and electronic plays an important role in disseminating such information.

The responsibility mentioned refers to the importance of delivering to the public correct, precise and constructive information, which will give the public both sides of the story.

In a report published in The Brunei Times, Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office, Dato Paduka Hj Mustappa Hj Sirat was quoted as saying, "This is the reality of an increasingly globalised world where the media exists to shape one's opinion," referring to the increasing number of public complaints towards the efficiency of the civil service.

He added, "Under any conditions, we have to accept this as a positive matter and as a healthy debate in order to improve the standards and the value of services that we provide. It is hoped that those who provide the services and those who are on the receiving end reach an understanding in this manner."

Some residents in Brunei agreed that in recent years, the media has been used as an avenue to express concerns and grievances on public issues in hope that the relevant agencies, not only governmental but non-governmental and the private sector as well, will respond to such complaints.

Business owner Laila Asmad, when interviewed, was in the opinion that the role of the media is becoming increasingly important.

"In my opinion, both the public and private sector are more concerned of what people think and because of this more attention has been paid to the media," she said.

Private sector employee, Hj Rushdi Sumin said with far more ease to internet access, people can easily publish their thoughts through online forums, which is also a good avenue for expressing public concerns. "With the internet, people can speak more freely because they can remain anonymous. Even amongst the younger generation, blogs are becoming more popular and they use this to express themselves."

Mohammad Razali Hashim, when asked, feels that complaints made through the media is far more effective even though the response time is still slow.

"Although slow, but at least these agencies respond to the problem instead of ignoring these complaints."

However, a government servant , who spoke on condition of anonymity, felt the although complaints are good in shaping a better civil service, referring to Dato Paduka Hj Mustappa's comment.

He said, "Measures must be taken to regulate and control all forms of media and ensure that all comments made are constructive and useful to improving all services, and not only within the civil service."

The Brunei Times

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The media has an enormous influence over the public agenda by selecting what issues to focus on (the controversial issues). The media defines the most controversial topics and thereby determining the political priorities of the public. i.e. the media tells the people what to focus on. The media is also a watchdog by forcing the government to reluctantly answer the people.

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what role did public opinion play in the American political system

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