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the cultural group that is targeted by a media producer has power influence over the text.

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Q: Targeting a media text results in a cultural influence because?
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How does migration influence Cultural landscape?

Migration can have a significant impact on the cultural landscape. It brings new cultural elements, such as language, cuisine, architecture, and traditions, which contribute to the diversity and richness of the cultural landscape. It can also lead to the blending of different cultural practices, resulting in the emergence of new hybrid cultures. Additionally, migrant communities often preserve and maintain their own cultural traditions, contributing to the cultural tapestry of the host society.

Identify results of Mao's Cultural Revolution?

Mao's cultural revolution had negative results, such as closing of schools to encourage the youth to protests. Corruption also grew and economic growth slackened.

Are IQ test fair to all racial and cultural groups?

IQ tests have been criticized for being culturally biased, as they may not accurately measure intelligence across all racial and cultural groups. Factors such as language proficiency, socioeconomic status, and cultural background can influence test performance. Therefore, it is important to consider these limitations when interpreting IQ test results across different populations.

Cultural change that results when two or more cultures have continuous firsthand contact?

Acculturation is the cultural change that occurs when two or more cultures have continuous firsthand contact, leading to the adoption of aspects from one culture by another. This process can involve changes in customs, values, beliefs, and behaviors as individuals or groups interact and influence each other.

Which of the following is not a way to influence poll results?

using a random sample

What influence does Canada have on the world as results of the role it plays in the un?


How do languages in different countries affect cyberspace?

Languages in different countries affect cyberspace by influencing the content available, user interactions, and search engine results. For instance, search results vary based on language, impacting the information users access. Additionally, language determines the reach of online platforms and can influence cultural and societal norms in cyberspace.

Which of the results of cultural blending do you think has the most lasting effect on a country?

Pursuit of religion or Ethnonationalism

What could affect MMPI results?

Factors that could affect MMPI results include the test-taker's honesty in responding, their mental state at the time of the test, their understanding of the questions, and any attempts to manipulate the results. Other factors that could influence results include cultural differences, language barriers, and the presence of psychological disorders or conditions that may impact responses.

Of what importance is influence in business management?

Influence is the ability to bring about change and produce results; people derive influence from interpersonal power and authority. Interpersonal power allows organization members to exert influence over others.

What occurs when culture traits from one culture are adopted by another culture?

The term is cultural diffusion, or cultural exchange. The exact results can vary with anything from new technology or ideas to a drastic change in culture. Look up "cultural diffusion" or "cultural exchange" for maximum information.

When researchers desire to see positive results influence the outcome this is know as what?

experimental bias