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The US government is a democratic system of government. It is made up of 3 branches.

Executive - This branch includes the President and Vice-President. The executive branch is responsible for ensuring that laws are enforced and that the general welfare of the citizens is cared for.

Legislative - This branch is responsible for the creation of new laws, or the changing of existing laws. The US Legislative branch is made up of 2 groups. The first is The House of Representatives. Each state is given a certain number of representatives based on the population of that state. So some states like California have many representatives, while some smaller states have only a few. The leader of the House of Representatives is called The Speaker of the House.

The 2nd part of the Legislative Branch is called The Senate. The senate consists of only 2 senators from each state regardless of its population. So as long as there are 50 states there will never be more than 100 voting member's of the Senate.

Collectively the House and Senate are referred to as Congress.

Judicial - The Judicial Branch involves the US Supreme Court and 10 Supreme Court Justices. Their job is to make judgements based on the current laws of the United States. They often can settle disputes between the Executive and Legislative Branches.

Checks and Balances - Each branch serves it's own purpose but a system of checks and balances is given to each branch to avoid one branch of the government becoming too powerful.

The first is the VETO of the executive branch. When Congress passes a new law or a revision of a previous law, it must be signed into law by the President. The President has the power to VETO this law if he/she believes that it is not in the best interest of the country. A VETO simply means that the law has been stricken down and will not be enacted.

The Executive Branch also has the power to call a Supreme Court Justice' seat into question if they feel that their judgement is compromised.

The Legislative Branch has a few checks and balances as well. Their first actually allows them to pass a law and enact into law if it is VETOed by the President. The Bill must pass both houses with a full 2/3 majority, instead of a simple majority. This Branch also checks the judicial brand simply by creating the laws it must follow and base their rulings upon.

The Judicial Brand balances both other branches through passing judgement when the meaning of a law is called into question.

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capitolism or something like democracy capitolism or something like democracy capitolism or something like democracy capitolism or something like democracy capitolism or something like democracy capitolism or something like democracy

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Politics is a process where, in the US, citizens choose what happens in their country. They can choose their president, their state senators, and the state

representatives. The senate and representative elections happen every two years, while the presedential elections happen every four year.

Politics however are not just for the country votes, but also their city and state politics, these are also held every two years.

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Q: How does us government work?
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