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I'm not American, nor an expert but am answering this on the eve of my politics exam. It seems to have three main roles - legislating, scrutinising the executive and representing the people. Legislating is quite easy - just look at why they make the decisions they do and how effective it is in upholding the principles of the Constitution. Scruting - its worth looking at the role of Oversight Committees as well as the checks and balances that it has on the executive. Finally, representation - look at is ethnic makeup. Also consider if it achieves the aims of its people - look at earmarks, and explaining why Congressmen vote and if there are any other reasons other than to represent their constituents such as pressure groups or own motives. Hope that this helps.

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Q: How effectively does Congress fulfill its constitutional roles?
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The president's constitutional roles have expanded in practice to be more powerful than the Founder Fathers intended. These roles include Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

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