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about 75 km/h

nobody knows because it changes every year

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10000000 MPH

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Q: How fast is a co2 dragster car?
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What are CO2 dragster constraints?

CO2 dragster constraints typically include a maximum weight limit, size restrictions, and requirements for using a specific CO2 cartridge size. Additionally, certain competitions may have rules about the shape of the car or materials that can be used to ensure fairness and safety.

How do you make a CO2 dragster car go fast?

make it more aerodynamics so the winds don't hold the car back when it is racing

How do you make a CO2 dragster start?

To start a co2 dragster, you just simply shoot the co2 canister and then the co2 dragster will go.

How is model CO2 dragster similar to real dragster?

A model CO2 dragster involves the same principal forces as a real dragster. A model CO2 has mass, thrust, friction and drag, which are also the main components of a real dragster.

What dragster features are in a real dragster that should not be in co2?


Do the side and the top of the CO2 dragster need to match?

No the side of a Co2 dragster does not need to match the have to fit.

Who created the Pitsco car?

Harvey Dean created the Pitsco car or the Co2 Dragster as some may prefer to call it.

What makes a CO2 car fast?

the co2

What is the fastest co2 dragster?


What are some ways to minimize the weight of a CO2 dragster?

You can drill a lot of holes on the bottom of the car to decrease the total amount of the car. After you have drilled the holes you sand them all together to make it smooth so it will still be fast and not slow it down.

Is it possible to make a CO2 dragster car too light?

Yes it is, but the car will still go faster but it will end up breaking if you're not careful.

How can you drive a dragster?

EASY, it's just like driving a car but racing and going fast.