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A few minutes. Once the lead was melted, it was poured into molds. These only took a minute or two to cool to a solid form. With a multi-bullet mold, an efficient maker could pour a dozen or so bullets a minute, much faster than any man could fire them.

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Q: How long did it take to make bullets in Revolutionary times?
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Why did soldiers in the revolutionary war need to make their own bullets?

There was no store to buy the bullets from. This is how they made bullets: the pieces of a mold would fit together and the solider would pour melted lead into the mold's spout. After the lead cooled, the soldier could take the mold apart and remove his new shot.

How many bullets did us make during world war 2?

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What metal was used to make bullets during the revolutionary war?

Anything the colonists could melt into balls. When possible, lead, but also iron, copper, brass, and even pewter from the family silverware.

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