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Anything the colonists could melt into balls. When possible, lead, but also iron, copper, brass, and even pewter from the family silverware.

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Q: What metal was used to make bullets during the revolutionary war?
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What is a very heavy metal used to make bullets. What metal has the chemical symbol Pb?

This metal is lead.

How do you make bullets in alchemy?

gunpowder+ metal= bullet pow and metal + bullet= gun pow pow

Where can you buy a metal BB gun from the is powder by gas or air and fires metal BB bullets?

Check the Benjamin line of air guns at Benjamin make metal air guns. Also there is no such thing as BB bullets. BB's and pellets are fired from Air guns.

Why did soldiers in the revolutionary war need to make their own bullets?

There was no store to buy the bullets from. This is how they made bullets: the pieces of a mold would fit together and the solider would pour melted lead into the mold's spout. After the lead cooled, the soldier could take the mold apart and remove his new shot.

What war did Abigail Adams help with her bullet spoons?

Abigail Adams helped during the Revolutionary War by melting spoons to make bullets. Her husband, John Adams, was the second President of the US, and her son, John Quincy Adams, was sixth President of the US.

Does a blacksmith make bullets?

yes but mostly during war time to help war efforts.

What type of metal are most bullets made of?

The vast majority of pistol bullets are made from 'bullet metal' which is an alloy of lead/tin and maybe Antimony - The ratio's of these are down to each manufactures choice. (Also by chemical analysis - the manufacturer can be determined) Some pistol bullets have a copper jacket surrounding the core of lead alloy. Rifle bullets can be as above or as there is a move from lead, as it is a hazardous substance, some bullets are now solid copper. Military bullets, can have a varity of core substances; steal is used for armoured pircing rounds (The more correct term for a bullet), wooden bullets was even tried during the second world war. So a simple answer would really be turned around by saying "What would you like to make them from?" Regards Rob

When did France make an alliance with America during the revolutionary war?

After the battle of Saratoga.

What resources did Japan need for its military?

Metal! Lots and lots of metal. In the movie "To Live", they Chinese take away the metal from commoners for their army, and they did the same in Japan to make things like guns and bullets and other metal weapons to go to war with China.

How many bullets did us make during world war 2?

around 41 billion bullets were made in the u.s.a. that's enough to kill the worls population 17 times

What group sought to make reforms in Russia during the revolutionary movements?

that they started war in the 1800s.

Which metal is very heavy soft grey metal?

Lead is a soft heavy grey metal. It is what is used to make bullets. It is easily dinged or reshaped due to its soft nature. Alloys made with lead, such as pewter, are usually soft as well.