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She was a neutralist because she was a missionary in the Shaker Religion so she didn't believe in war, and she wanted peace. Her only concern during the Revolutionary War was to help her followers buy land so they could make a church

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Q: Why was Ann Lee a neutralist in the revolutionary war?
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Neutralists in the rev war?

Neutralist in the Revolutionary War included members of Parliament and Colonial slaves. Neutralist were loyal to England but didn't feel it was right to tax the American colonies.

What part did the neutralists take in the revolutionary war?

The neutralist didnt wanna fight for independence

How was Felix holbrook involved in the revolutionary war?

He was a neutralist who wrote a newspaper article asking for freedom from slavery.

Who was Ann Lee in the Revolutionary War?

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Who would say i never thought you would burn your own crops but its better then giving food to redcoats. A loyalist or patriot or a neutralist?

A loyalist supported England in the Revolutionary war. A Redcoat was a term used for a British solder who fought for England in the Revolutionary War. A neutralist did not take sides in the war. A Patriot supported the United States and he fought for the United States and against England in the Revolutionary War. Now, who do you think would make such a statement?

Did robert e lee serve in the revolutionary war during west point?

No. Check the dates. The Revolutionary War was long over before Lee was born. His father, 'Lighthorse' Harry Lee,had served in the Revolutionary War.

When was Ann Bates born Revolutionary War?

in 1730

In which battles did Ann Bates act as a spy?

in the revolutionary war

Revolutionary War Civil War Abraham Lincoln?

he was in the civil war. the revolutionary war was long before his time. generals were grant,lee

Did Ann Hutchinson fight in the Revolutionary War?

Anne Hutchinson? She died before the war started.

What war did light horse harry lee fight in?

American Revolutionary War

Who are Robert E. Lee's parents What were there names?

His father was Revolutionary War hero "Light Horse " Harry Lee Also his dad was a medal of honor solider in the war presented to him by the continental congress his mom was Annie Lee Hill and Mary Anna Lee and Robert Edward Lee name a kid after her also.