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it takes about 100 or so years for it to start to grow back, but about 4000 for it to regain its native identity again!!!

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Q: How long does a clear cut forest take to grow back?
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How long does it take for a cleared forest to grow back?

Unless new trees, or in the very least, new seeds were planted back, the forest will be as good as gone. But, if some new ones are planted, trees usually take decades to grow and mature into the tall ones you see in forests.

What crops grow in the Tropical Rainforest?

Actually, unless the rain forest is cleared there are no crops in the forest. The soil of the rain forest is not good for growing crops once the land is cleared of trees. The ecosystem of the rain forest is a special place. Some do try to clear the forest and plant crops like potatoes and coffee beans, but it is hard to sustain them for long periods of time.

How might the ash be beneficial to agriculture?

in the forest when there is a forest fire, not long after, the ash helps the new plants grow

How are forest owners certified?

Forest owners are certified by an independent source as having sustained their forest--that is, no clear-cutting or other practices harmful to the long-term health of the forest.

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How long does it take to recover from a first stage - old growth forest?

I'm assuming you are asking how long it will take a forest to grow back from destruction, and by first stage I'm assuming there is already saplings planted. It takes the trees up to five years to reach the second stage, established growth, and up to 50 years for the trees to fully mature. For the forest to reach its original state, however, it can take hundreds of years for everything to grow back and the trees to be as massive.

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The forest, so long as they are not being cut down.

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