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Alaska was admitted to the Union on January 3, 1959. It became the 49th state admitted to the Union.

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Alaska became a state on July 7, 1958.

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Q: How long has Alaska been a state?
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How long Alaska been a state?

Alaska became a state on July 7, 1958.

How long has Alaska existed?

It has been a US State since 1959.

How long has Alaska been a part of the US?

Alaska became the 49th state to the union in 1959.

How is Alaska state fair celebrating 75 years if Alaska had not been a state that long?

The State Fair was started in 1936, where as the state was not officially a state until 1959. So the fair has been going on for 75 years, although the name has changed since the original one.

When was the Alaska became a state?

It was granted statehood on 3 January 1959. Alaska is a state and has been for a long time

How long did the US own Alaska before it became state?

Alaska became the 49th US state on August 21, 1959. It had been a state for 52 years on that date in 2011.

Do Alaska have any President?

Alaska is a state. They do not have presidents, but do have governors. No US President has been born in Alaska.

Long tail of Alaska?

The long tail of Alaska that stretches hundreds of miles to the west are called the Aleutian Islands. They all belong to the state of Alaska.

What is the location of Lake Long Alaska?

Long Lake is in the Kepler-Bradley Lakes State Park near Matanuska, Alaska.

In Alaska state who will become Lt governor if current Lt governor takes over as governor?

It would have been the secretary of state of Alaska

What is the most eastern and western state in the US?

Most Eastern - Alaska Most Western - Alaska Alaska crosses 180˚ longitude, making it a part of the Eastern Hemisphere. This action makes Alaska the most eastern state in the US by a long shot. Alaska is also obviously the most western state.

Did Alaska have any wars with other states?

No. Alaska was never a country and it has been a state since 1959.