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Q: How many biographies about George Washington are there?
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Was General George Washington with the Blue coats or the Red coats?

No! George Washington was not a red coat he was a blue coat! Read some biographies about him and you'll see. Are you an Idiot?

What books were made about George Washington?

There are countless books about George Washington. If you are looking for biographies on the first president, these are five of the best about him:His Excellency: George Washington - by Joseph EllisWashington: A Life - by Ron ChernowWashington: The Indispensable Man - by James T. Flexner1776 - by David McCulloughGeorge Washington: A Biography - by Washington Irving

What is an autobiography essay?

An autobiography essay is when a person writes about their own life. Don't get this confused with biographies, which is when a person writes about another person. For example: If you wrote on the life of George Washington: Biography If George Washington wrote about his own life: Autobiography

What kind of writings did Washington Irving do?

Washington Irving wrote a lot about history and authored several biographies including one of George Washington. He is probably best known, however, for his short story, Rip Van Winkle.

What has the author T M Usel written?

T. M. Usel has written: 'Thomas Jefferson (Read-And-Discover Biographies)' 'Benjamin Franklin (Photo-Illustrated Biographies)' 'George Washington (Photo-Illustrated Biographies)' 'Thomas Jefferson (Photo-Illustrated Biographies)' 'Abraham Lincoln' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Presidents, Pictorial works, Biography, Spanish language materials

How presidents are from George Washington to George Wbush?

How MANY presidents were there from George to George? There were forty one presidents in between George Washington and George Bush.

How many times was George Washington Carver married?

george washington carver was not married

The scientist who discovered more than 300 uses for peanuts?

George Washington Carver discovered peanuts and invented many things out of them.

How many books are they about George Washington?

There has been over 3,000 books written on George Washington.

Commanded the Continental Army?

George Washington

How many times did George Washington Carver move?

George Washington Carver moved 4 times

How many taps did George Washington Maintain on his farm?

George Washington maintained 3,000 taps on his farm