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There has been over 3,000 books written on George Washington.

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Q: How many books are they about George Washington?
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Can George Washington bend a horse shoe?

There were many rumors stating that George Washington could bend a horse shoe. This has been stated in many books.

How many books did George Washington own at the time of his death?

ten thousand

Can you show me books of George Washington Carver?

A weed is a flower: The Life Of George Washington Carver

What books were made about George Washington?

There are countless books about George Washington. If you are looking for biographies on the first president, these are five of the best about him:His Excellency: George Washington - by Joseph EllisWashington: A Life - by Ron ChernowWashington: The Indispensable Man - by James T. Flexner1776 - by David McCulloughGeorge Washington: A Biography - by Washington Irving

What is the bibliography of George Washington?

Do you mean a BIOGRAPHY of George Washington? Bibliography means the sites or books that helped you find info on, in this case, George Washington. A biography of George Washington is where well.... Ask your teacher or something cause its hard to explain what a bioraphy is.

What are some books that will help you learn about George Washington?

The Buck Stops Here

How presidents are from George Washington to George Wbush?

How MANY presidents were there from George to George? There were forty one presidents in between George Washington and George Bush.

How many times was George Washington Carver married?

george washington carver was not married

How was George Washington smart?

He learned from his mistakes. And read lots of books to learn stuff.

What two books encouraged young Abraham Lincoln?

The Bible and a biography about George Washington.

What kinds of books did Abraham Lincoln like?

When he was little he loved to read about George Washington.

Is George Washington the son of Athena?

No he is not actually its mentioned in one of the percy jackson books