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Q: How many countries have dragons on their flags?
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How many countries flags are there on the moon?

The U.S. has 6. No other countries have flags there.

How many countries flags have orange in them?


Where can someone find flags of different countries?

There are many places where one could find flags of different countries. One who is looking to find flags of different countries should visit on the web sources such as Flags Importer and World Atlas.

How many country flags are there?

There are 194 countries, so there are 194 country flags. (As of 5/7/08)

How many countries have green white and gold flags?


Do deserts have flags?

Countries have flags, deserts do not.

What is the Flags of the countries that make up the UK?

the flags

How many other countries have used the french flag as a model for their countries flags?


How many flags does the US Army have?

There is no exact known number of flags, total or just different types. There could be millions of flags (and most likely are) as cities, states, provinces, regions, unrecognized countries, unions, countries, etc. have their own flags. There are 54 national flags in Africa, however; one for each nation.

Where is it possible to buy country flags?

Flags designs from various countries can be bought at many places online. Us Flags, Flags Importer and Lady Liberty Flag all carry flags that are made to United Nations specifications.

How many flags have border?

There are 195 countries in the world, and each country typically has its own flag. Therefore, there are 195 flags that have borders.

What holiday does the Europe flag stand for?

There are many countries in Europe so there are many flags not one.