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Q: How many houses are there in Southampton?
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How many miles is Southampton to Cambridge UK?

It approx 110.96 miles from Southampton to Cambridge.

How many miles is Stowmarket to Southampton?

It's 180 miles from Stowmarket to Southampton by road.

How many miles is it from Portsmouth to Southampton airport?

19 miles taking M27 (WEST) towards SOUTHAMPTON. SOUTHAMPTON AIRPORT is at JUNCTION 5.

How many people were on board the titanic when it left Southampton?

205 were on board the titanic when it left Southampton

How many rivers are there in Southampton?


What happened to Southampton in world war 2?

Southampton was majorly bombed because it was a big port.

What is the postal code for Southampton UK?

See the related link for more details Southampton (Southampton) SO15 Southampton (Hampshire)SO1 Southampton (Hampshire)SO2 Southampton (Hampshire)SO4

Which options are available for parking at the Southampton Airport?

There are options available for parking at the Southampton Airport, many of which is the park way station. Since Southampton Airport is located on the highway, make sure to booking for a parking space is required. This can be done on the Southampton Airport webpage.

How many miles from Edinburgh to Southampton?

About 500 miles.

How many miles is it from Southampton to bracknell?

54 miles

How many miles from Southampton to silverstone?

100 miles

How many miles is it between Glasgow and Southampton?

About 450