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Q: How many slaughter houses in the world?
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How many slaughter houses are there in India?

It depends how many they build

How many slaughter houses for beef and pork in America?

Too many.

How many cows in California live in slaughter houses?

a couple billion.

What has the author Caleb Benton written?

Caleb Benton has written: 'Catskill slaughter-house' -- subject(s): Slaughtering and slaughter-houses, Slaughter-houses

How many slaughter houses are in the US?

5,700, acording to Wikipedia.

Is it illegal to abuse cows in slaughter houses?

Yes it is

How do chickens get to slaughter houses?

People drive them in trucks.

What does a slaughter house look like?

Well, slaughter houses depend on size and what they slaughter. You can use the following link to see pictures of slaughter houses. Anyways, slaughter houses again, depend on what they slaughter, where they are located, and how many customers they get. I personally have been to a slaughter house where you bring in the animal, they slaughter it for you, and you get all the meat. There are other slaughter houses that catch there own animals and kill them for sale. If they kill sheep and goats it will look alot different than one that slaughters cows, chickens, horses, and pigs. Also, slaughter houses could be small if they are in a small town. So basically slaughter houses depend on the answers above.^ But my personal experience with slaughter houses looked like this: You walked into a large door and you were in the lobby area. They have meat on sale and people in aprons working the counter and walking in and out of revolving doors. When you entered the revolving doors, there was a LARGE room with all sorts of machinery used to cut the cooked meat. There were 4 other doors. One was all the bacon being cooked in strips in a large oven. The other was a LARGE door that, when opened, was a LARGE freezer with the skeletons/bones of all the animals. The other door was to go out to the back where all the animals were held until being slaughtered. The last door was where they killed and drained the blood of the slaughtered animals.

Are slaughter houses illegal?

No. Slaughterhouses are not illegal. How do you think we get hamburgers

What did cities in the Midwest become centers for?

Slaughter houses and meat packing

How many slaughter houses in Pakistan?

There are over 300 municipally-controlled slaughterhouses in Pakistan. They also have a handful throughout the country that are privately operated.

How many slaughter houses are there in Iowa?

That's terrible!! How can you even think about stuff like that?!! Just for asking that question I'm am not going to tell you the answer!