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It is estimated that there were hundreds of men that made up the Sons of Liberty. Notable members included Samuel Adams, John Hancock, John Adams, and Thomas Young.

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Q: How many men made up the Sons of Liberty?
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Why was the sons of liberty formed?

The Sons of Liberty were responsible for the Boston Tea Party.

What were the sons of liberty and what did they do?

The sons of liberty were patriots who would revolt against British tax laws and they were the ones who were tar and feathering tax collectors and loyalists. Some of the sons of liberty were Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and others.

Why is Sons of Liberty famous today?

the Sons of Liberty are famous today because they really pushed at starting the American Revolution. They were a group of men (there were women too who were in the Daughters of Liberty) who formed a club to protest different British taxing acts such as the Sugar Act (1764) and the Stamp Act (1765). They are also famous for the Boston Tea party, which was to protest the taxing on tea.

The Declaration of Rights of men and citizen?

it was passed and made by the National Assembly o August 26, 1789. It was based by Roussea (the Enlightenment Philosophe) that all men were born with natural rights: life, liberty, and security, The US Constitution is made of also like this: Life, Liberty, and Persuit of Happiness (property) it gave all citezens to make laws. thats all i know :]

How did the framers protect liberty and specify its powers?

The framers were considered "the best people" in the country they wrote the Constitution and made sure Liberty was kept by keeping the country together and making it fair for every free man We hol these truths to be self evident that all men were created equal...

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Who were the Sons Libarty?

The sons of liberty was a group of men.

What was the sons of liberty about and who started it?

The Sons of Liberty were men making secret meetings against the British. They had a secret tree also known as the liberty tree. I do not know who started the sons of liberty. The sons of liberty also dumped tea into the British harbor.

What men were involved in the Boston Tea Party?

about 30 sons of liberty

Who were Sons of Liberty in Revolutionary War?

a group of men fighting for independence

What was the group of men called in the boston tea party?

the sons of liberty

What year did the Samuel Adams help start the Sons of Liberty?

The sons of liberty first started because of the Stamp Act and because of the historical process that the men and boys of the committee ran.

What group of men were disguised by the Indians dumping the tea?

The Sons of Liberty Were disguised as the Indians.

Definition of sons of liberty?

The sons of liberty were a group of men ,including John Adams, who were against British rule in the American colonies. They were the ones who did the Boston Tea party. They also helped quite a bit with revolutionary war.

What type of people made up the sons of liberty?

men and women and loyalist... they were could peole that i dnt giv af bout but hitt me up on facebook.... @ nashia williams Bye hoez

Why were the sons of liberty not invited to the constitutional convention?

The rabble rousers such as Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty were not invited to the Constitutional Convention because they wanted conservative men with only rational thoughts that could keep the secret of the events happening at the convention.

Why did the colonists protest new British taxes and in what ways did they protest?

1 The colonists were angry over the new taxes. They formed groups of people to protest the new taxes. There were two groups. The men called themselves the Sons of Liberty. Women were called the Daughters of Liberty. 2 The Sons of Liberty in Boston were very active. They were very angry over the Stamp Act. The Sons of Liberty visited many of the people who were supposed to sell the stamps. They said that they would burn their houses down if they sold the stamps. 3 There were many famous men who were members of this group. Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Adams, John Hancock,Patrick Henry, and many others were members of the Sons of Liberty. 4 The Sons of Liberty also did fake hangings. They would make straw figures. The figures looked like British officials. They would pretend to hang the figures. This showed what would happen if the British officials tried to collect the taxes. yes

Was the sons of liberty a group of men from Boston and othernew England colonies?

Sons of Liberty was organized by Sam Adams the cousin of John Adams. Sam was the biggest smuggler in the colonies and the man who backed him was Hancock . They were in New England and Boston and used the coves and coastlines to bring in goods off of ships. There was a total of 350 men who were on the roster for the group.