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in the 1930,s(1936) 200 men and Ellen wilkingson marched to London

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Q: How many men march to jarrow to London in the 's?
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In which year did the Jarrow March occur?

There was a large number of men without jobs in the north east of England in the depression. The Jarrow March was a protest at the unemployment of these people. Jarrow is a suburb of Newcastle on Tyne. They marched on the 'Jarrow Crusade' to Parliament, in London, in 1936. Jarrow is not a suburb of Newcastle. It is approximately ten miles away from Newcastle and on the South side of the river Tyne. Newcastle is on the North Side of the river Tyne. Jarrow is in South Tyneside. At the time of the depression Jarrow suffered from 70% unemployment along with a few other areas but much worse that the rest of the country.

What are facts about the jarrow crusade?

Well I have to find out some facts for my homework andI found these: The Jarrow Crusade started in October 1936. Around 200 Men marched from Jarrow to London. They walked about 300 Miles. The Jarrow crusade was caused mainly because of terrible poverty. It took them 25 days to travel to London. Hope this helped!!

Why did the people of Jarrow go on a crusade?

the people of jarrow went on a crusade to get the government's attention because 3/4 of their men were unemployed.

Who marched in the jarrow crusade?

200 hundred people from Jarrow, Tyneside walked to Parliament. 199 men and 1 woman, Ellen wilkinison, the prime minister.

Was the Jarrow crusade successful?

In the short run, no, because 200 fit and healthy men travelled 25 days all the way from jarrow (near Newcastle) all the way to London for the government only said "im too busy" and all they got was a train ride home. We know this because a source created 50 years later by Don Dixon (ex MP of Jarrow) `there is intolerably high enemployment`. Therefore, there is still no change after 50 years. However, it seems that the crusade was monumental to many people in Jarrow because they named a bus after it, made a statue and there was a cartoon published in 2000 about the crusade in comparison to lorry drivers' slow drive.

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