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they have all the powers they want hence unlimited

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Q: How many powers does an unlimited government have?
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Is a military dictatorship limited or unlimited government?

according to my knowledge.. military dictatorship is unlimited government because of the powers they have.

What is limited and unlimited government?

a limited government is a government with limited powers & vise versa

Does the constitution gives the government unlimited power?

No, the constitution does not give unlimited power, in fact it gives only limited powers to the government. There are 3 types of powers: Expressed, Implied, and Reserved. Expressed Powers - powers for the Federal government that are not specifically stated in the Constitution. Implied Powers - powers for the federal government that are actually written down in the constitution. Reserved Powers - powers given to state government (basically the left-over powers that the Federal government isn't in charge of.)

Who argued for a national government with unlimited powers over the states?

Thomas Jefferson

What government has a single ruler with unlimited powers?


Is US unlimited or limited government?

Limited. It only has those specific powers enumerated in the Constitution

What danger did Jefferson and the Republicans see in giving seemingly unlimited powers to the national government?

Jefferson and the Republicans believed in state rights over a strong central government. If seemingly unlimited powers were awarded to the national government, they would be no different than the British monarchy. While a national government was essential, Jefferson and his party believed their powers should be curtailed so not to conflict with state rights.

Is Cuba a unlimited or unlimited government?

Cuba is an unlimited government.

Is cuba a limited or a unlimited government?

Cuba is an unlimited government.

Is Venezuela unlimited government?

is colombia a limitd or unlimited government

Is France a Unlimited Government or a Limited Government?


Is Cuba government limited or unlimited?

Cuba is an unlimited government.