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Grant and Hoover wrote notable memoirs. Nixon, Ford, and Clinton wrote books that gave their take on some issues in their administrations. Carter has written several books, some of which contain autobiographical information. Eisenhower wrote a book of stories he told his friends.

Hayes kept a diary that has been published. There may be others.

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Q: How many presidents wrote their memoirs?
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Which presidents of the US were writers?

Many US Presidents were writers. Grant wrote his Civil War memoirs. Theodore Roosevelt wrote many books and articles. John F. Kennedy wrote "Profiles In Courage". These are just a few examples.

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He wrote his memoirs.

What did Harry Truman do after he was President?

He wrote his memoirs.

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U.S. Grant lost a lot of money in bad investments and wrote his memoirs to pay off his debts before he died from his terminal cancer.

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Harry Truman gave this title to volume 1 of his memoirs .

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