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The number of signatures needed to pass a petition will depend on what type of petition it is and how it was set up at the beginning. There is no specific number as to how many signatures are needed for a petition to pass.

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It depends on so many different things. Where you live, What is the petition about. How much time do you have to collect the signatures you need etc.

This link is excellent.

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I believe up to 35 but it may be 30 min.

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246,372 signatures are required.

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Q: How many signatures are needed on a petition?
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How many signatures are needed on a petition in Ohio?


For a school uniform petition to be taken seriously how many pupal signatures are needed?

over 50% of students parents

How many signatures do you have to get on a petition for the Australian government to look at it?

Probably once you get around 1,000 signatures you may be able to get your petition noticed.

One possible reason that a discharge petition is seldom successful is that?

One possible reason that a discharge petition is seldom successful is because so many signatures are needed on the discharge motion.

How many people signed William wilberforces' petition?

wiliam wilberforces petition contained 10,639 signatures

What is a list of signatures?

if it is for a cause its a petition

Nominations by petition is done by gathering signatures from?

People are not nominated by petition.

Can citizens pass laws.... how many signatures are needed?

Citizens cannot pass laws merely by collecting signatures in any state I am aware of. There is a process in many states where citizens can petition to have a proposed law added to the ballot in the next election. Usually, this requires some percentage of voters to sign the petition - in a large state, this can be hundreds of thousands of voters. There are also usually procedural requirements, such as that the petition must be registered with a certain department, and the wording on the petition must be approved in advance. There may also be format requirements, and after the signatures are collected, the petition must be certified. When a petition does get through this process, it then goes on the ballot in the next election, and must receive a majority of "yes" votes in order to become a law.

How many people will sign this petition?

It is difficult to predict the exact number of people who will sign a petition. The number of signatures will depend on factors such as the reach of the petition, the relevance of the cause, and the effectiveness of the campaign to promote it.

Can you stop a cell tower in ontario Canada from being erected?

Yes, Just start a petition and get many signatures

What does petitioned?

A petition is a list of signatures in support of, or against something.

What is the procedure that allows voters to initiate legislation by obtaining signatures on a petition?