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there's altogether four novelizations in the underworld novel series, three of then are novelizations to the films such as Underworld, Underworld: Evolution and Underworld: Rise O f The Lycans, the fourth novel is Underworld: Blood Enemy, which isn't completely tided to any of the other stories, the fourth is more or so a fan fiction base novel, the blood enemy story is a prequel, but it's not told the same way as it is in rise of the lycans, also in blood enemy, it gos back and fourth to the dark ages and to the modern day and in the modern day scences are what happens a few days or weeks before the events of the story of the first novel of underworld take place in, but most of all, it's the other three novels that are the main underworld stories

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Q: How many underworld books are there?
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Below are three books about Hell/Underworld, gathered from many religions/mythologies.

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Hades is the God of the underworld. There are far too many to list that are not.

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"The Underworld" by Don DeLillo has 827 pages in its hardcover edition.

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She spends 6 months per year in the Underworld.

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The Vagus nerve. Vagal stimulation brings you into a perinatal matrix. Read books by Stan Grof.

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the novel series of underworld does fellow the stories to the three films of underworld, but with the novel series, it show cases scences that arn't even in the film, the novel series go much deeper in depth with the stories, characters, places it's set in, then what the films show, all in all, the stories are fairy similer to the stories of the films, but not completely

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No one knows this. The first film was written as a stand alone. It was successful so they continued writing sequels. They will probably continue making more so long as the franchise is making money. That's how most b grade movies work, if you look at franchises like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street; these movies were not written with the intent of making dozens more. They just make one movie and if it does well they keep inventing more.

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The Underworld is in the Underworld. It is a different realm of existence, not part of this earth.