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1021 which is 22% of the words in the constitution

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Q: How many words are in the 2nd articles of the US Constitution?
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Is freedom of association part of the US Constitution?

Freedom of Association is an implicit right granted by the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights. It can be derived from the 1st and 2nd Amendment protections of speech, religion, assembly, redress, bearing of arms, and maintaining a regulated civilian militia. Each of these 1st and 2nd Amendment enumerated rights are forms of association by definition and thus protected.

Father of the consititation is?

President James Madison is known for being the father of the Constitution of the United States. James Madison was the 2nd President of the United States of America.

What are two things that the US Constitution does?

to make/create laws that can be established in the United States and control spending.

What amendment is the government confiscates all guns from citizens?

What are you asking? There is no amendment in the U.S. constitution that allows the government to confiscate guns. The 2nd amendment guarantees U.S. citizens the right to bear arms.

Briefly describe the powers the constitution gives to the National Goverment?

there are three distinct types of delegated powers: expressed, implied, & , inherent. 1st the expressed power are delegated to the national government in so manny words spelled out expressly in the constitution. 2nd the limplied are not expressly stated in the constituiton but are reasonably suggested implied by the expressed powers. 3rd the inherent belongs to the national government because it is the national government of a sovereign state in the world community.

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How many words are in the 2nd article of the constitution?

1021 which is 22% of the words in the constitution

What does Article 2 Section 8 of the US Constitution provide?

there isn't a section 8 of the 2nd article.

How does the second amendment compare with the U.S. Constitution?

The 2nd Amendment refers to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. It does not compare to the Constitution, it is part OF the Constitution.

What is the 2nd article in the constitution?

Executive branch

How many words are in the Oxford English dictionary second ed?

how many words are there in the oxford English dictionary 2nd edition? thank you for your answer stormy

Section of the constitution that names power of constitution?

The concept of Separation of Powers is embodied in the Constitution in the 1st Article, in the 2nd Article, and in the 3rd Article.

When may a state deny a defendant the right to a jury trial?

The states should never deny the 6th and 7th amendments of the constitution, guaranteeing a right to a Jury in any controversy amounting to $20 dollars or more. Unfortunately, many states blatantly disregard this provision of the constitution, especially in traffic cases (speeding, lane change violations ect...). Eventually, all articles and amendments of the constitution will be regarded as obsolete by the various branches of government and made void through misinterpretation, leading to some type of 2nd American revolution, or 2nd civil war. Afterwards, there will probably be some type of constitutional inquisition, wherein those congressmen and judges will be tried for treason who deliberately disregarded and undermined the US constitution.

Which Amendment to the Constitution gives the Right to Keep Arms?

The 2nd

Is the 2nd constitution being used still today?


The 2nd amendment was added to the constitution to protect?

dumb hoe

Which country has the shortest constitution in the world?

The United States of America. They also have the oldest constitution of any major government.

Missouri second constitution was written in?

I would like a copy of the Drake Constitution of Missouri--2nd Constitution. Thank you, Gary Ayres417-754-8397