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Generally, "Eskimos" receive nothing from the government monthly.

First, the First Nations or Native Americans of Alaska do not call themselves Eskimo.

Second, there is no agreement between the tribes of Alaska and the government to get a monthly income.

Third, under a series of laws and agreements in the 1970s that helped get the rights to cross Alaska with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, almost all Native Americans in Alaska are members of Alaska Native Corporations, who work to develop Natural Resources held by the tribe, and distribute benefits from that income. See the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act for a lot more information. There were originally 12 such corporations, now 13.

Each citizen resident of Alaska usually gets an annual payment from the State of Alaska as a share of the proceeds the state gets from leasing the land to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline - these are annual payments, not monthly. This is called the Alaska Permanent Fund. Payments vary from year to year -- in 2011 each citizen got $1,174.00.

As a pragmatic matter, poverty in Alaska Native villages is very high. Money payments tend not to help reduce that poverty, because the economies do not function on money so much as food, goods and services produced and harvested by the villages. As a practical matter, there are few places in a village to spend money, and goods brought in from the outside are very expensive.

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Q: How much money do Eskimos receive from the government monthly?
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