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21 billion KWh per year

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Q: How much power is generated by the Grand Coulee dam?
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How much was the grand coulee dam?

This much.

How much power dose Hoover Dam supply?

Hoover dam delivers around four billion kilowatt hours of power annually. This is about one seventh of the twenty-one billion kilowatt hours of power generated by the nation's hydroelectric power source, Grand Coulee Dam.

How much did the Grand Coulee Dam cost?

The eventual cost of the Grand Coulee Dam was about 300 million dollars. It still remains the largest concrete structure ever built.

Benefits from grand coulee dam?

It provided as much as 6,809 megawatts, Gave jobs to seven thousand men all over the Pacific northwest and was created as a Depression releif, and as a flood control. Enough Water flows through the dam, each year, to provide New York City's drinking water for 100 years. The Grand Coulee Dam is part of the Columbia River Hydro System that harnesses the 'Power' of the Columbia River. Also, the Grand Coulee dam is the largest concrete structure ever built. It could be used to create hydro-electric power.

How much of the uk's power is generated by nuclear power?

20% of the worlds power is generated by nuclear power

How much power is generated by a circuit containing a 12V power source and a 0.72A current?


How much Electric power in India generated by solar energy in MW?


How much eletricity was generated by hydro power in 2005?

2,000,000,000(2 trillion) watts

How much power is generated by a wind turbine?

it makes about 70,00,000 in a year [sonadow rocks]

Which produces more power-Bonneville or grand coulee dam?

Actual statistics are located at the bottom of this answer.Bonneville dam's power production approaches 3x that of the Grande Coulee dam, although it's physical size is much smaller.The reason for this is because, as with any other river, the farther down stream you go on the Columbia, the more tributaries (streams feeding larger streams or a lakes) there are that dump into it, each one increasing the rivers total water flow. This additional waterflow increases the power of the river, which in turn allow dams that are built lower on rivers to produce more power than those built farther upstream.Bonneville dam-Power production---51 billion kilowatt/hours per year.-Length---2,690 ft (820 m)-Height---197 ft (60 m)-Number of turbines---20--Grand Coulee dam-Power production---21 billion kilowatt/hours per year-Length---5,223 ft (1592 m)-Height---550 ft (168 m)-Number of turbines---33

How much of the world's energy is currently generated through nuclear power?

For electricity, about 16 percent

How much nuclear power does the US use?

It's about 20 percent of total electricity generated