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Q: How multiculturalism has affected modern day Russia?
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Which modern day nations did the mongols ruled?


What is the modern day Soviet Union?


What country created the venera 9?

The USSR or modern-day Russia (USSR / Russia both refer to modern day Russia. The USSR was Russia's old name. ) Source:

What is the Significance of multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism calls for the respect of different cultural backgrounds that exist within a state. Initially, it called for acceptance of cultural differences, while the groups still maintained a separate culture within the country. Modern day multiculturalism is usually defined as the assimilation different cultures into one collective melting pot.

What gods were worshiped in Russia?

In the modern day? Orthodox Christianity.

What effects did Rome's society have on modern day society?

it affected our religion and culture.

Where is the birthplace of Vladimir Putin?

Leningrad, USSR modern day St. Petersburg, Russia

Why do we wear orange on harmony day?

orange symbolizes harmony/multiculturalism

Did Russia ever have control of montenegro?

Yes Russia had control of Montenegro. From 1806-1807. (Montenegro was not a country back then, but Russia controlled the area of modern day Montenegro)

What has the author Susan Christine Mack written?

Susan Christine Mack has written: 'The policy and practice of multiculturalism' 'The policy and practice of multiculturalism (an examination of a children's day camp in the Metropolitan Toronto area)' -- subject(s): Racism, Multiculturalism, Race awareness in children, Race relations, Day camps

Who was the first person to step foot on america?

A person from the Asian Continent crossing the Bering Strait on a land bridge from modern day Russia to modern day Alaska

Is Stalin still admired in modern day Russia?

Yes, he is chosen one. RIP Stalin.