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this varies according to the president's wishes. in Reagan's first year as president, he held 36 cabinet meetings but Clinton only held 6 in his first year.

cabinet meetings in the usa are not nearly as important or regular as cabinet meetings in the UK.

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Q: How often do the president and his cabinet meet?
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Who decides how often the Cabinet meets?

In the United States it is the President's job to determine how often the cabinet meet. The President also determines when they will meet.

How often do secretaries meet with the president?

There is no set schedule for full cabinet meetings and the cabinet has become so large that full meetings are not likely to be very productive. Obama does not call a cabinet meeting very often. Individual secretaries meet with the president as is needed or when called in by the president.

How often does the Department of Transportation meet with the President?

That depends on the Secretary and the President, Obama meets with his cabinet weekly and the meetings are increased when needed.

Where do the president and his cabinet meet?

There is a room in the White House that is designed for cabinet meetings.

Does the cabinet meet as a group?

yes- there is a cabinet meeting room in the White House. of course, cabinet member can also meet with the president on other occasions.

What group of people meet with the president?

The group of advisers that meet with the US president are collectively called the cabinet.

When does the cabinet meet?

whenever the president determines that its necessary

How often does parliament meet and cabinet meet in jamaica?

every decade

How often does the cabinet normally meet?

Once a week.

What is the relationship between the president and his cabinet?

A President and his cabinet meet and work closely together. The members of the cabinet will make suggestions and offer assistance in helping make the hard decisions.

What is the relationships between the president and his cabinet staff?

Cabinet members can meet with the president, can discuss issues at cabinet meetings, and send memos to the president. The frequency of meetings depends on the president and the circumstances .

Why does conflict exists in a presidents cabinet?

This is a leading question -- I have not read anything about conflicts in the President's cabinet. In past years, cabinet members have had disagreements for various reasons. Cabinets members used to meet more often so there was more opportunity for personality conflicts.