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You have to be 18, or have parental permission.

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Q: How old do you have to be to join NROTC to become a Marine Officer?
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Do you have to go through college NROTC to become on officer in the US Marine Corps or is high school NROTC enough?

In order to become a Marine Corps Officer you have to go through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program in college, go through OCS after College, or go to the Naval Academy. All Marine Corps Officers are college graduates. You can enlist after high school but the program in high school is not strictly military training, it is only military affiliated. In fact ROTC in High School may not help you very much in trying to become a Marine Officer. The majority of high school ROTC members who eventually join the military enlist, while many officers played a couple of sports and worked on getting good grades more than anything else. Talk to a recruiter if you are interested in going enlisted, or try to find the Naval ROTC at colleges you are interested for more information on becomming an Officer. You have to graduate with a college degree in order to be commissioned an Officer. If you flunk out of college, you will not get a commission even if you complete all the ROTC requirements/courses.

Can you join the NROTC while enlisted in active duty or reserves in the navy?

In the Reserve, you can.

Can enlisted marine switch to air force officer?

No. The only way to become an Air Force officer after being an enlisted Marine is to finish your contract and join the Air Force. Of course, you must have your degree to become a commissioned officer in any branch of service and the maximum age is 23 to enroll in a military prep school and be an officer. It can be difficult to move up the ranks so when you switch, you will lose your rank and that might not be (for lack of a better word) "motivating" for you.

How do you become an officer in the marine corps?

To become an officer in the United States Marine Corps you can go to the United States Naval Academy or any other college and graduate. There are also some enlisted programs to become an office. You'll have to talk to a recruiter about that. Call 716-633-1406 If you are on track to get a 4 year degree or already have one just contact an Officer Selection Team, they will be able to sign you up to go to Officer Candidate School (OCS). If you complete the 10 week course you have what it takes to be an officer in the Marine Corps. If you have a degree when you go to OCS you can decide to join the Marine Corps right after OCS. If you are still in college then you have to wait until you have your degree before you can sign up. Going ot OCS does not obligate you to serve any time.

What is the age limit to become a marine recon?

There is no age limit. As soon as you join, you can volunteer.

What kind of job can you get with a military studies degree?

You can join the military and become a officer.

What college do you go to get into the US Marine Corps?

There is no college requirement to enlist into the Marine Corps. You do need a High School Diploma or GED though. If you wish to join as an officer, you can either go to Annapolis or go to college and then go to Officer School.

What degree do you need to be able to join the coast guard?

To join in Coast Guard that to officer grade either you do Naval Architeture, Marine Engineer,Mechanical Engineer,Elcetrical Engineer

How can you become a port state control officer in the Philippines?

you have to join the Philippine Coast Guard.

What are the requirements for being a marine in Texas A and M?

You join the Corps of Cadets when enrolling at Texas A&M. You can sign in with the Naval Science department and take classes in military science. If you do well and pass the physicals, you can become an officer by signing a contract.

What is the first step to become a forensic la technician?

ive heard you have to join the police force and become a sworn officer

Why do you want to join the prison service?

I'm not just because who wants to become a prison officer?