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Maine would have to join as a free state so Missouri could become a slave state.

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Q: In the Missouri Compromise What did Maine have to do before Missouri was granted statehood?
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What did Missouri have to have approved by us congress before it received statehood?

To achieve statehood, Missouri had to allow slavery. This was the Compromise of 1820. The other part of that compromise was that Maine entered the Union as a free state. To keep the number of slave states and free states equal, prevented the Civil War from happening sooner.

What issue did the Missouri compromise deal with in the new territories seeking statehood?

The main purposes of both Missouri Compromises, 1820 & 1850 was to keep in balance free States & slave States. This would be handled before they became States. Or if necessary after Statehood.

What must all states adopt before they are granted statehood?

All states must adopt the a form of government and a constitution in accordance to the US constitution before they are granted statehood. A territory will hold a referendum and if the majority votes for statehood, the Congress will be petitioned. If the Congress passes a joint resolution to grant statehood, the president signs it and statehood is granted to the territory.

Border ruffians who disrupted Kansas before its statehood were from?

Western Missouri

What law repealed part of the Missouri Compromise of 1850?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, made the use of Congressional compromises unnecessary. Voters in territories could vote on the issue of slavery before the territory petitioned for statehood. What remained from the 1850 compromise was the Fugitive Slave Act. Even in 1860, president-elect Lincoln promised to enforce this law as long as it existed.

How long did the Missouri Compromise of 1820 last?

The Missouri Compromise of 1820 lasted 30 years. The US remained divided on where slavery could exist and thus the Missouri Compromise of 1850 was enacted.

When Missouri requested statehood its admission presented a problem because people in the state wanted or did what?

The biggest problem was that Missouri wanted to be admitted as a slave state, upsetting the "balance of power" between free and slave states. The Missouri Compromise admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state to maintain the balance, and also specified that no new slave states would be admitted north of the southern border of (most of) Missouri ... the southeastern corner of Missouri dips down into the "slave state" region. As you might expect if you knew anything about the politics of the time, this new rule lasted almost long enough for the ink to dry before people started contesting it.

Which compromise would protect slavery south of the Missouri Compromise line?

The Missouri Compromise itself (1820). Also the very last compromise attempted before the outbreak of war (Crittenden) proposed that the Missouri Line could be re-established and extended all the way to the Pacific. It was this compromise that Lincoln rejected, because it could have allowed some extension of slavery.

In 1819 before the Missouri Compromise how many free states were there and how many slave states?

In America there was 11 free states and 11 slave states, before the compromise.

Was James Polk associated with the Missouri compromise?

No, James Polk was not associated with the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise was passed in 1820, before Polk's political career began. Polk served as the 11th President of the United States from 1845 to 1849 and was known for his expansionist policies during the Mexican-American War.

What was the date that South Carolina was established?

South Carolina became a part of the United States in 1788. It was initially a province before being granted statehood.

What is a historical event that happened in Missouri?

try the Missouri compromise before the civil war. it dictated that any state above the Latitude line 36 30 was free, and any below was slave.